teh georgeh (gracheness) wrote in seekrit_pics,
teh georgeh

Seekrit pics are down

I didn't want to take down the links (as I'm sick of dealing with emails) but I've been reported to LJ abuse. I'm not going to speculate as to who reported me- I'm hoping it's Jason (which is fair enough) and not someone off DL. The links have been taken down permanently as I'm not risking suspension of my account(s).

Please don't email me asking where the pictures are, I'm sick of the emails. I know I'm whinging but just no.

If anyone's wondering why I'm deleting the old posts...
I started deleting posts this morning because people were being linked to old posts and this was creating confusion. Now, after I was reported to LJ abuse, I'm deleting pretty much everything, to be 100% sure there aren't any links in any comments, etc.
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