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seekrit pic history

I don't know where everyone is coming from, but people are joining seekrit_pics more then ever (perhaps for Evangeline Lilly?). When the pictures went down I knew people were joining for the wank. This is prompted by all the emails from confused people asking me what's going on.

The history:
October 14, 2004
Some personal photos of Dom and Elijah were found here and made their way to LJ. The pictures are promptly taken down, and the only place to get them is here. I set up seekrit_pics, not expecting it to take off. The pictures are eventually taken down from snellios's journal. The pictures in question were the Croquet set and Elijah's BBQ. Giving 'OMGWTFBBQ' a whole new meaning.

October 18?- December 01? Roughly
Wanked. What a surprise. seekrit_pics surprisingly flourishes, people join and all is well. No one seems to have any objections (mainly because it was not known by those who objected to it). The feed is also very popular, but is taken down within a few days. Fandom divided into those who want to keep the secret photos up and those who want them shut down.

December 04, 2004
I get an email from Jason asking me to remove the pictures. I take down all the links from the community and remove them from my imageshack.

December 08?
Gingerbread photos are uploaded to the galleries. People save them before Jason can lock them.

December 14, 2004
Jason closes his galleries.

December 17, 2004
I finally get my dirty little hands on the Prague pictures and post this. There are no more pictures/ links available on the community. Although Jason doesn't want them on the community, I think it is unfair for some people to miss out because they stumbled upon it too late. I offer to send them via email.

December 18, 2004
Wank ensues from the 17th. I get a million emails, get stressed and post this at 4am. Bad idea.

December 20-30, 2004
People join to watch the wank unfold. I get surprised how much community grows. I make the community mod-approved application, because it should have been that way from the start.

January, 2005
People join community even more. My mind boggles and wonders where everyone is finding out about it from. My mind boggles even more that people want to join, when there are no pictures (that we know of) left. I'm not trying to put you off joining, please do. But be aware of that. I get emails from people who previously knew nothing about it wondering what the community is all about. I make this post.

March, 2005 onwards
gracheness gets sick of emails asking for pictures. She then refers to this post and notes that it says "email me for pictures." Please don't. The pictures are uploaded and the link can be found in the community userinfo.

Community is now open membership. Wank seems to have gone away.

May 20th, 2005
gracheness gets reported to LJ abuse and takes links down from the community permanently. Though that doesn't mean she isn't still hosting them.
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